A Little Birdie told Me
The Art of Craft Workshops
1372 E Hwy 377, Granbury, Tx 76048
Hello, my name is Darla K. Boozer.

My husband, our 3 kids and I have lived internationally, all over the world, and we are ecstatic to be back home in Granbury to be near our family again. Garry and I were High School sweethearts and graduated GHS in 1978 and 1977. Go Pirates!

Here is a little background on my being so crafty...
My grandmother, Haw Hee, was a crafter before crafting was cool. She and my mom were great teachers in the art of craft. I also have learned from all the ladies (Birdies) from all over the globe. My sister has been a great influence in my loving crafts also!
As for my background in teaching, I was an elementary school teacher for 4 years and have enjoyed teaching ladies craft classes/workshops for years.

It has taken a while for my dream to be realized, but in October 2016, we opened my shop called A Little Birdie told Me. The name came about due to all the ladies all over the world telling me the way they created things and all handed down wisdom from generation to generation.

I’m here to help you every step of the way, teach you, show you step by step or let you go on your own, which ever you want or need. We supply everything needed to bring out the Artisan in you and create your masterpiece. It's art, so there is no wrong way of creating. 

Sign up and join the fun and create something great to take home. 

Come on in and bring your friends and family and have a blast!
Come and UnWine’d with us!

My workshops provide a truly unique art of crafts experiences. Check out the Calendar for workshops for all kinds of items to create from wreaths, holiday décor, crosses, stepping stones, soap making, sugar scrubs, painting pottery, all the way to decoupage to mixed mediums to good ole paper mache’.

You can choose & create your craft from "Workshop wall"  or you can take any workshop from the calendar, attend BYOB unWine’d event, Bachelorette parties, private party, company functions or team building, rent out the space for your scrapbooking or sewing group. We offer children's workshops, summer camps, or have your child’s Birthday party here or your too!!

Darla Boozer

1372 e Hwy 377, Granbury, TX 76048  (682) 205-3155

         Workshops: Wednesday-Saturday 10:00am 3:00pm 7:00pm & Sunday 2:00